Getting Started

Installing Tag

Tag requires a script file to be added to the header or footer of your website if you require the pop-up feature. You can also just link directly to the share url of the collection if you only need Tag for social media.

Tag script file
<script defer src=""></script>

Add the following script to your header or footer tags on your site. If you need assistance on this please contact your web developer or drop us a message.

Adding pop-up buttons to website

To add pop-up buttons directly on your website, please ensure you have the script installed first on that page.

  1. Navigate to the collection you would like to appear on the pop-up.

  2. Copy the Button code html code highlighted above.

  3. Now on your website, navigate to the html/text area you would like the button to appear.

  4. Paste in the link. You may style the button/link as you wish.

Tag requires the class: usetag-widget--trigger to allow the script to trigger the pop-up.

Tag also requires the data-usetag value to identify which collection should be displayed.

If you have any issues or queries, please get in touch via our live chat button or email us as [email protected]