Affiliate tracking

Tag integrates with Google Analytics (UTM) to automatically generate referral/affliate links of each product on the Tag collection.

This is great for businesses who would like to share collections with influencers on social media or in general see how many clicks each product is getting.

How do I add a referral links for each user?

  1. Copy the Tag collection URL by navigating to one of your collections and clicking the 'Share URL' link from the top buttons.

  2. At the end of the URL, add in the following:



You may use anything to identify the reference, be it a code or internal reference for your Google Analytics dashboard.


Each product link will now add the necessary Google UTM paramters at the end of each product link to be easily identified on Google Analytics of the domain you are linking to.

For further help on the Google analtyics dashboard, please check out their in-depth documentation. Please note that you are required to setup an analytics account for your domain for this feature to start tracking clicks.