Adding Tag to BigCommerce


Tag allows you integrate with BigCommerce with a single script tag and button link to open a pop-up on the page of that collection. You may also link directly to a share URL if you'd rather not use a pop-up window.

What's great about Tag, is that it allows you to trigger the collection pop-up from anywhere that allows HTML and a javascript tag. For instance; you can add a "Shop the look" button in the description field of an individual product.

While we do not yet have direct sync with your BigCommerce products, they can be easily created on the Tag dashboard and assigned a link to the product on your shop.


To install the widget on BigCommerce, we need to add the script to the footer.

  1. Navigate to your BigCommerce dashboard and click Storefront -> Script Manager

  2. Copy the embed script from Tag and head back to BigCommerce. Note: You only need to add this script once.

Tag Footer Script
<script defer src=""></script>

3. Click Create a Script.

4. Add the name as Tag and ensure Footer is selected.

5. Keep Store pages selected.

6. Set Script type as 'Script' and paste in the above code.

7. Hit save, and you should be ready to add collections.

Tags integration method works as the following:

  1. Create product on Tag with image, price and detail then link to the BigCommerce shop URL.

  2. Create a new collection and tag products on the image. Products may be re-used across multiple collections to make it easier to manage.

  3. Copy link/button code generated by Tag and paste into your BigCommerce detail text area.

  4. Done! You should now see the collection pop-up button on your BigCommerce store.