Using Tag with a Squarespace website.
  1. Navigate to your Squarespace dashboard and click Settings -> Advanced -> Code Injection

Code injection on Squarespace requires a Business or Commerce plan.

2. Paste in the following code under the Header text area:

<script defer src="https://app.usetag.io/app.js"></script>

3. Now go back to the home dashboard and click Design -> Custom CSS

padding:12px 40px;
transition:0.3s ease all;

This step is purely optional, but allows the link to appear as a button rather than a text link.

4. Now navigate into your site editor and search for a Code block.

5. Now on your Tag collection page, copy the code that is provided at the top of the screen:

Example of a Tag pop-up link.
<a class="usetag-widget--trigger ut-widget-id-1" data-usetag="1">Shop the look</a>

Paste the code into the Code block and ensure 'Display Source' is disabled. Hit apply and save the site. Please note that the button will not trigger inside the editor view as Squarespace disables external clicks. Try accessing the site now in a private tab or logged out to ensure it works.

6. Done! If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch.