Adding Tag collections to WordPress and WooCommerce

Tag allows you integrate with WordPress and WooCommerce with a single script tag and button link to open a pop-up on the page of that collection.

What's great about Tag, is that it allows you to trigger the collection pop-up from anywhere that allows HTML and a javascript tag. For instance; you can add a "Shop the look" button in the description field of a WooCommerce product or blog post.

While we do not yet have direct sync with your WooCommerce products, they can be easily created on the Tag dashboard and assigned a link to the product on your shop.

Tags integration method works as the following:

  1. Create product on Tag with image, price and detail then link to the WooCommerce shop URL.

  2. Create a new collection and tag products on the image. Products may be re-used across multiple collections to make it easier to manage.

  3. Copy link/button code generated by Tag and paste into your WordPress/WooCommerce detail text area.

  4. Done! You should now see the collection pop-up button on your WooCommerce store.