Add all to cart

Make use of Shopify's cart parameters

If you use Shopify to sell products online, you may add an optional "Add all to cart" button next to the 'View product' button on Tag.

This feature may be useful if you want to allow a customer to quickly add all the tagged products to cart with a single click.

Please note: Add all to cart links work well if your products don't require option variants like size and colour. You would need to create a collection for each size in that instance. We are looking at improving this experience in our roadmap.

Advanced tutorial ahead.

Shopify have a very helpful guide on creating pre-loaded cart links:

Adding the link to your Tag collection

  1. Navigate to an existing collection or new collection screen and scroll to the 'Add all to cart' field.

  2. Paste in the Shopify url you created from the Shopify documentation. Please ensure the link begins with https to ensure a secure SSL connection.

  3. Click next, and save the collection.

  4. You should now see the 'Add all to cart' link appear on your Tag collection.

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